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ACID RAIN by Gavin Todd (R&D Workshop)

On February 4th 2017 the Starbound Team set out to develop Acid Rain, written by founding member Gavin. With Amy Serafin at the helm a team of 5 actors spent a day at the LOST Theatre in London working through the script and helping Gavin find the way forward in developing this very exciting story.

Check out our Media page for some behind-the-scenes shots.

Currently working on Draft 2 so please stay tuned for future news regarding this project!






PIZZA MAN by Darlene Craviotto

The Etcetera Theatre

December 5th - 9th

7pm (2pm Saturday matinee)

90 min

How far would you go to regain control of your life?

Julie and Alice are angry, frustrated, and disappointed. After a particularly bad day they decide the best way to get revenge is to take advantage of an unsuspecting pizza delivery man. What ensues is an evening that gets crazier, wilder, angrier and very, very funny.

Starbound Theatre's first production successfully wrapped at the Etcetera Theatre on December 9th after a wonderful run. The show - a dark comedy about the power struggles between men an women and their attempts at regaining control of their lives -. rehearsed for 5 weeks at Theatre Deli in London. Led by director Madison Maylin, the cast (Marta da Silva, Katherine Kerrman and Adam Strawford) worked through the fast paced text and found the emotional depth in their damaged, though ultimately kind-hearted characters. At times uncomfortable to watch, the laugh out-loud show asked some difficult questions and hoped to spark a debate about the use of sexual assault as a power grabbing tactic, and the sometimes blurry lines between consensual and non consensual relationships.

Some audience feedback:

I highly recommend seeing this production by the newly formed Starbound Theatre group. The small cast of 3 were brilliant - excellent comic timing, relatable, and had me laughing out loud throughout! - Kyle Gulliford (5*)

Had a fantastic time watching #pizzaman by @starbound_theatre_uk with @rywilltry @ramannabanger @riri_xsx @giselasilvaofficial #greatplay #greatactors #mustwatch - Mary Lee Cha

I went to a new theatre to me ñast night, not knowing quite what to expect. What I got was a trully entertaining treat of a play. It's funny, moving, entertaining, what more can I say? I'd urge anybody to go and see this - Lucinda Currie (5*)

Check out the Media page for photos of our rehearsals and performances. You can also read a lovely article about the production courtesy of BritEs Magazine here.


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Starbound is delighted to be staging this amazing piece of new writing by Canadian playwright Jessica Moss this autumn!

The Hen and Chickens Theatre

September 18th - 29th

7:30pm (3pm Saturday matinee)


A lonesome country song about grief and bureaucracy. Celeste tries to contact her dead mother Theresa, but instead is haunted by Evelyn. Evelyn jumped off the top of her office building, run by Robin. Robin just wants to get these files in order, until the spirit of Theresa shows up. A comedy about sad things for four women and a roomba. 

Written by the Canadian writer Jessica Moss, I Will Miss You When  You’re Gone is a dark comedy about grief, isolation, connection, and mental health. 

Some reviews and audience feedback:

“A refreshing dose of dark humour, and some spectacular moments of dramatic irony” – Everything Theatre

"[...]the play explores cleverly the debilitating struggle of dealing with 21st century life devoid of parental help." - London Pub Theatres

"Clever storyline, deeply moving and thought-provoking. The cast did a brilliant job enabling me to relate to all characters and feel their respective pain, worries and sorrows. Several times I was close to tears with the characters of the story. Well worth seeing, so if you get the chance, please go!" - Theatre Club member

"Play was funny, moving sad & beautiful. Very relatable to how so many of us are missing people, people to relate to. Loved it!" - Theatre Club member

"Such a beautiful theatre production dealing with themes of grief and mental health - wonderfully uplifting" - Petra Eujane

"Can't more highly recommend "I Will Miss You When You're Gone," which I saw last night. […] terrific writing and performances. Droll, caustic, emotional, supernatural. A great show." - Alex Frangos

“Saw the Starbound Theatre production of #IWillMissYouWhenYoureGone this evening and it was phenomenal! Find the time, one of the best shows I've seen in ages.” – Dan Shipman - Toon

Check out the Media page for photos of our rehearsals and performances.

current PROJECTS


THE NET by Zoë Guzy - Sprague

Starbound Theatre is excited to begin development for this amazing piece of new writing from American playwright Zoë Guzy-Sprague, in co-production with Lights Down Productions.

Directed by Samara Gannon.

R&D at Poplar Union

May 13th - 17th

Tristan Bates Theatre (as part of the Camden Fringe 2019)

August 13th - 17th

6:15pm (2:30pm Saturday matinee)


Poplar Union

September 26th


All the stones have been used, all the brick, all the sand. The only thing left that can keep people out is a giant net, a border between two lands, stretched across the stage. A grandmother and her granddaughter are tasked with patching a hole in the border. As they weave it closed, two women appear on other side, hoping to get through. The women must come face to face with each other as opinions change and loyalties switch.

Mixing poetic choral monologues and cutting dialogue, The Net brings a new dimension to the age-old story of war by placing women at the centre, while exposing how utterly foolish the divides we create are. It is an ensemble piece that aims to highlight women of all different backgrounds and ages: from fourteen to seventy. The play uses the personal stories of these four women and their interactions with each other to interrogate larger political themes. Set in an ethereal and atmospheric “nowhere land,” the story of The Net is recognizable in any and all nations currently in conflict on their borders.

Some audience feedback:

“A must see. Superbly acted and incredibly moving, The Net is a social commentary on war, historical conflict and womanhood” - Claudia Martinez

A powerful topical play bringing up the issue of borders and walls, forgiveness and ultimately finding what joins us - not divides us. A harrowing storyline played out by 4 outstanding actresses that left the audience reeling. A great piece in the lovely Tristan Bates” - Fiona Arakellan

Israel/Palestine, Mexico/USA, East/West Berlin. The walls that physically (and metaphorically) divide people are eloquently shown here to be an absurd barrier that can be overcome by humanity, compassion and common sense. Very powerful words and performances which deserve a wider audience” - Russel Hartley

Brings home the futility of conflict and those left behind. Age old hate and revenge where there is never a winner. The four actors were magnificent and I found it spellbinding” - Pamela Kalman

Check out the Media page for photos of our rehearsals and performances.