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Who we are

Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.

— Carl Sagan, Cosmos


Marta da Silva Artistic Director

Concha Huerta de Soto Finance Director

Lisa Michaels Associate Artist

Léerin Campbell Associate Artist

Gavin Todd Associate Writer



Starbound Theatre is a brand new, international, London based theatre company exploring the theme of identity. Inspired by the words of Astrophysicist Carl Sagan, we aim to explore who and what we are - as individuals, actors, and human beings - through human-led stories found in classic, contemporary, and brand new writing. We aim to support and nurture diversity in our work, and endeavor to celebrate women's voices both on and off the stage.

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Amy Serafin  Actress/Director/Writer & amazing Teacher

Daniel Julian Actor/Singer/Writer

Why we do what we do



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ACID RAIN by Gavin Todd (R&D Workshop)

On February 4th the Starbound Team set out to develop Acid Rain, written by founding member Gavin. With Amy Serafin at the helm a team of 5 actors spent a day at the LOST Theatre in London working through the script and helping Gavin to find the way forward in developing this very exciting story.

Check out our Media page for some behind-the-scenes shots.

Currently working on Draft 2 so please stay tuned for future news regarding this project!






PIZZA MAN by Darlene Craviotto

The Etcetera Theatre

December 5th - 9th

7pm (2pm Saturday matinee)

90 min

How far would you go to regain control of your life?

Julie and Alice are angry, frustrated, and disappointed. After a particularly bad day they decide the best way to get revenge is to take advantage of an unsuspecting pizza delivery man. What ensues is an evening that gets crazier, wilder, angrier and very, very funny.

Starbound Theatre's first production successfully wrapped at the Etcetera Theatre on December 9th after a wonderful run. The show - a dark comedy about the power struggles between men an women and their attempts at regaining control of their lives -. rehearsed for 5 weeks at Theatre Deli in London. Led by director Madison Maylin, the cast (Marta da SIlva, Katherine Kerrman and Adam Strawford) worked through the fast paced text and found the emotional depth in their damaged, though ultimately kind-hearted characters. At times uncomfortable to watch, the laugh out-loud show asked some difficult questions and hoped to spark a debate about the use of sexual assault as a power grabbing tactic, and the sometimes blurry lines between consensual and non consensual relationships.

Some audience feedback:

I highly recommend seeing this production by the newly formed Starbound Theatre group. The small cast of 3 were brilliant - excellent comic timing, relatable, and had me laughing out loud throughout! - Kyle Gulliford (5*)
Had a fantastic time watching #pizzaman by @starbound_theatre_uk with @rywilltry @ramannabanger @riri_xsx @giselasilvaofficial #greatplay #greatactors #mustwatch - Mary Lee Cha
I went to a new theatre to me ñast night, not knowing quite what to expect. What I got was a trully entertaining treat of a play. It's funny, moving, entertaining, what more can I say? I'd urge anybody to go and see this - Lucinda Currie (5*)

Check out the Media page for photos of our rehearsals and performances. You can also read a lovely article about the production courtesy of BritEs Magazine here.



Future Projects

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News & Updates

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At Starbound we aim to create a network of talented people and give everyone the opportunity to showcase their skills, meet fellow artists and make unique pieces of theatre.

We’re currently on the lookout for new collaborators for our inaugural production. We’d love to hear from you – whatever your creative role and background is. We’re always open to meeting and working with new talent , and hearing exciting ideas!

If you want to get involved, please contact us on or via our form below and feel free to send us links to your website /CV/ Writing etc. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to hear all about any upcoming opportunities and our exciting news!


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